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Mom Autism Money

Mar 21, 2023

This week we're talking all things ABLE accounts! From eligibility to qualified disability expenses to using your ABLE account as a tax-advantaged investment vehicle, we've got you covered.

Joining us to discuss these accounts is Mary Rubenis, VP of Client Relationship Management and ABLE Savings at Vestwell. Vestwell is the program administrator for ABLE accounts in 20 states. But today's episode is for everyone -- regardless of which state you live in! Get out a pencil and notebook and get ready to learn.

Compare plans with ABLE National Resource Center:

Learn more about ABLE accounts at ABLE Today:

Check social security functional limitations to see if you qualify for an ABLE account even without SSI or SSDI via the SSA Blue Book:

Spotlight on ABLE from the SSA:

Social Security Benefits Counseling by state via the Ticket to Work program:

POMS document for ABLE & Social Security:

Check out the Vestwell website:

(Though if you want to apply for an ABLE account, visit your state’s ABLE website. You’ll interact with Vestwell once you have an account set up, if you’re in one of the 19 states they service.)

Full episode transcript: