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Mom Autism Money

Apr 18, 2023

Today, we’re sitting down with one of your favorite guests, Paul Curley, to get into the details of the ABLE Age Adjustment Act, which passed as a part of SECURE 2.0 in December 2022.

It’s April, which is recognized as Autism Acceptance Month. Last week, when we talked to Sara, she let us onto another way to...

Mar 21, 2023

This week we're talking all things ABLE accounts! From eligibility to qualified disability expenses to using your ABLE account as a tax-advantaged investment vehicle, we've got you covered.

Joining us to discuss these accounts is Mary Rubenis, VP of Client Relationship Management and ABLE Savings at Vestwell. Vestwell...

Dec 21, 2021

ABLE accounts turned 7 years old last week! In the final episode of Mom Autism Money, we catch up with Paul Curley, CFA to discuss the latest news on ABLE account legislation, and ask him some listener questions.

Then, Joyce & Brynne breakdown their highlight reels of the rest of Season One. And what to expect in Season...

Oct 19, 2021

In the very first episode of Mom Autism Money, Joyce & Brynne sit down with Paul Curley, CFA, Director of Market Research at ISS Marketing. We talk about ABLE Accounts, how they can help disabled individuals and their families manage their finances, and recent legislative efforts to watch in this space.


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