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Mom Autism Money

Jun 7, 2022

Today we talk military life, finances and Autism with Rich Davis. Rich retired after a 28-year career in the US Navy as a helicopter pilot. He and his family reside in Roanoke, Virginia where he volunteers with his church, as the education coordinator for a local museum, and where he is involved with the local art scene as a photographer. He has an adult son with autism who lives with he and his wife and works in the community.

We'll discuss a whole range of topics, including: 

  • The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).
  • Tricare access at all stages of life.
  • Why the Incapacitated Designation could leave you interacting with Medicaid instead.
  • How constant moves and waiver waitlists can sometimes keep military families perpetually paying for services out-of-pocket.
  • How Rich’s son and his family use his ABLE account.
  • How they’re using supplemental needs trusts.
  • A life lesson in why it is so important to educate your extended family members on asset tests and best asset sheltering practices.
  • 2015 changes to Survivor Benefit Plans (SBPs) that allow you to pass on the benefit without impacting SSI.
  • How you might end up knowing more about disability in the military than the military ‘experts you end up interfacing with.


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