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Mom Autism Money

Apr 19, 2022

In this week's episode of Mom Autism Money, Dena Gassner teaches us the ins and outs of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Your state's office of vocational rehabilitation can provide funding for job training, college, and even entrepreneurship. Dena has used her VR office to secure nearly $20k in startup funding for her own business, and used it to facilitate her son's college education.

This programming can be immensely helpful, but you're going to want to come in with a concrete plan. Otherwise, you or your child could end up being funneled to a job that pays less than minimum wage.

We also talk about:

-Federal student loan discharge based on disability.
-Why you should not shy away from expensive college options even if you're not loaded.
-Why you probably shouldn't take out Parent PLUS loans as the parent of a disabled child.
-How Dena and her son approached the college selection process. 

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