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Mom Autism Money

Jun 28, 2022

We are joined once again by Paul Curley, and he comes bearing NEWS! The ABLE Age Adjustment Act has finally made it into a bill. Now, it just needs to make it into law. 

Upping the age of onset of disability from 26 to 46 means about 7 million more people would qualify for ABLE accounts, including one million veterans. A larger pool of eligible account holders means lower fees on ABLE accounts and more bargaining power in Washington for things like removing Medicaid clawback provisions -- in ALL the states. 

To help increase the odds that the ABLE Age Adjustment Act passes into law, contact your senators and House representatives. 

Also learn about final ABLE rules and regulations, the future of ABLE to Work, and the newest state to open its own ABLE account program. 

Paul will also be answering listener questions in an ABLE account Q&A session.

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The latest Senate Finance Committee Meeting, ABLE accounts starting at 1:14:00:

If you want to mention ABLE to Work extension beyond 2025, it's Section 11024 under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

IRS publication 907 for education on ABLE accounts:

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